"Journalism is the first draft of history," I heard Malcolm Gladwell quote without attribution recently on TV. But journalism is dying, so it seems, at the hands of tweets as newsflash, and facebook rants as commentary, while age discrimination and technology deplete the newsrooms where history is supposed to be drafted.

Abeng News Media Syndicate, a global network of professionals, is using the technology that is strangling history to reestablish journalists, journalism and fact based analysts as the clichéd, "masters of  their own destiny". Features, analysis, commentary and investigative work are our products for publishers, companies, governments and consumers.

The objective is to place human faces to the raw statistics generated from the machinations of those who manipulate the economic, political and social instruments of society, while we shine more light on dark obfuscation.

Here we are age and gender neutral and the criteria are to to tell a good story, to be fair and to be truthful with the products we offer out subscribers.

Hash tag: History is still alive.

Mark Lee